Sunday, December 15, 2019


After years of seeing and being part of the good, the bad, and the ugly of the fashion industry, I decided (with my wife Lotus) to do something about it. Hence Lotus & Michael- the Art of Shirts.

1. Because we can. With so many years experience in the fashion business, sourcing, production, merchandising and marketing, we knew exactly how to get it done and done right.
2. Because there are huge white spaces and opportunities in the fashion business (shirts is one of the biggest):
a. Customers in general are buying less clothes; we believe it is in large part because there is less and less to hold their interest and everything looks the same. When someone comes along (like Lululemon) to offer something new and different, the customer will buy;
b. Mens shirts all look the same; the cheap ones and the designer ones look the same, so why spend the money on the high level?
c. Zara, H&M and others have created a syndrome of disposable clothes; buy it cheap, throw it away a short time later, and feel ok about it because it was cheap-despite the effect on the environment;
d. We are committed to sustainability in our packaging and materials;
e. The social wave is quickly erasing the boundaries between men and women; fashion inevitably follows social trends.
f. Women love to wear menswear looks, but there is little for them to choose from that are REAL shirts, with REAL shirt construction.

3. Because Lotus is a very talented painter and designer, and Chinese, so we have our own original and endless source of design.

So what is the result? Take a look first:

love our pink shirts and red wine!
great day green
sweet Magnolia pink
Uncloudy Sky blue solid dobby w/silk tie
Embroidered Dragon
Chrystanthemum yellow solid w ginger tie
Mandarin Driven Snow white

Necessary objects print

Ginger silk tie (1 of 4 coordinating colors available)
Our pocket squares

1. 100% cotton high quality wrinkle free shirts-
          Solid yarn dye dobby
          Original prints
          Unique yarn dye patterns
          Dragon and Phoenix embroidered solids
2. 100% silk ties
3. Coordinating pocket squares
4. Engineered fit tailored for men and women
5. Mother of Pearl buttons (easy to open and close, hard to break in the laundry)

Why buy?
1. Because our shirts will make you happy when you wear them and you will never look like the person next to you (unless they are also wearing our shirt).
2. Because our shirts will express your individuality and power.
3. Because our shirts are INVESTMENT DRESSING, and won't look like crap a couple of weeks later.

And, as an introductory, LIMITED TIME offer, we will give you a FREE silk tie or pocket square with qualified purchase

Finally, we guarantee your satisfaction- free shipping and returns in continental US. Elsewhere, per destination rates.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. See the above and more, share our inspiration-visit our website to see our shirts AND ORIGINAL ART, as well as featured promotions:

Lotus & Michael

and follow us on Instagram: lotusandmichael

We welcome your comments and questions- we live a simple life, and love to create a proud and satisfied community.

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