Thursday, March 15, 2018

Dear Macy's-Isn't this a little stupid?

Did you know that Macy's permits ads on its website that can not only provide a platform for competitors, but can clearly promote the same item for less? I didn't know this-because I never shop at macy's online and rarely shop in the store. Below is an example from the Designer Handbags page: I know I don't have the brain trust that Macy's has, but why would you do this? Whatever money Google is paying you to run this page, is it really worth sending customers somewhere else to buy the same item? Why remind YOUR customers that they need not be loyal? Hey Macy's (or anyone else), can you explain how this makes any business sense and how you think it will affect customer loyalty? You make a big deal of the Rewards program for customer loyalty-is this the Reward? Is this how to build (or rebuild) your Brand? OR is this just draining the moat and opening the castle door? If not a good business explanation, the next best thing would be the humility to admit this is stupid-at best.

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