Thursday, May 24, 2018

Nike: Mea Culpa Youa Culpa; Whose gaffe are my shorts?

Description: Activewear shorts, zippered pockets, comfortable cotton fabric, button fly.

Wait- Button Fly? The only other place I have experienced button fly is on Levi’s 501 and some Diesel jeans. In both of those cases, I accept the button fly as an iconic jeans style feature. But on activewear shorts? How does it even make a bit of sense to have this style feature on Nike shorts which are supposed to be functional and comfortable-button fly is neither.

Not to mention, when you desperately need, you know, Number 1, it is nothing short of stupid. And, more than once I have closed the waist button as is the normal procedure and failed to close the others…

OK, I admit, this is my fault for buying the shorts in the first place. But that is what makes the story even worse-they are nice shorts.

It is pretty easy to see from the pictures that these shorts are not new, so why bring this up now?

What made me focus on this are two things: 1. The weather in New York is finally getting warmer and 2. The dysfunctional gaffe that Gap made with the China Map Tee.

I am just wondering when-or IF- these companies will recognize that they are all working in windowless silos. In this case, as in the Gap situation, when the designer offered these shorts for adoption, which manager or managers were responsible for these being adopted and manufactured and should have said, “Wait-these are great shorts and you are ruining the functionality with a feature that has no place on active shorts and which will never increase but more than probably decrease, sales of the item.”

Clearly that didn’t happen. Clearly large companies like Nike are struggling to define their future in today’s market; hence Nike’s agreement to sell their product on Amazon (bad, bad move-most especially because price and the origin of the product, from Nike or third party sellers, are both out of their control).

Clearly it doesn’t have to be this way.  Nike and these other companies are suffering from LCSS (Large Company Silo Syndrome). Good news- it can be cured!  Companies like Nike need to make structural changes in their organizations and their mentality to effect the cure. There is no doubt that major improvements can be made in the efficiency of even the largest company by doing so, and gaffes like the Gap’s China Map Tee and my shorts can be avoided.

Oh. You thought I was going to tell you what changes and how to effect them. Sorry, I stopped giving free information a while ago. Nike, Gap, other large company that wants to take down your silos, you will just have to hire me to find out.

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