Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Target vs. Walmart REVISITED 8-21-2018-Who is your money on now?

December (17) 2017, on my blog  I wrote, “Target vs. Walmart-Who is your money on?”in which I gave the advantage to Target.

Both Walmart and Target have had positive market news recently due to better earnings- to be fair, the whole retail sector is looking attractive to investors. 

So, to revisit the question, who is my money on and who should your money be on today, eight months later?

Let’s take a quick look:

1.    Target:
a.    Today after earnings report= +5.67% -reached a 52 week high of $88.86 
b.    Has steadily climbed to this level from a 52 week low of  $54.21 (If you bought TGT on 12/18 when I wrote the above article, it was $64.08)
c.     EPS of 5.28 and PE 15.28
2.    Walmart:
a.    Today, 1 week after earnings report +.45% $96.51
b.    52 week low $77.50, 52 week high $109.98 (WMT dropped to the mid $80’s last March-April (due to lower than expected online sales increases) and stayed there until this recent (8/17) earnings report. IF you had invested the same day as Target last December, you would just be a little below even now ($97.90 12/18/2017)
c.     EPS of 4.86 and PE of 55.22

Investors are skittish and reactive, but overall they almost always follow the winner.

For all the reasons I gave before, my money is still on Target. Yours?

Suggestion to Walmart: Spend a little less time worrying about Amazon and more worrying about Target- and your nasty store experience.

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