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Are you a Why or a Why Not? Think carefully. Your future may depend on it.

 Are you a why or a why not?

Think carefully. Your future may depend on it.

Are you afraid of change? Don’t like your current situation but can’t face the future with something different? Then you have a fixed mindset.

Or, do you welcome change as opportunity? Risks yes, but possible rewards outweigh them. Then you have a growth mindset.

Do you prejudge the future as if you can predict it? Do you defend the present as “we have always done it this way?”

Here’s the key question—please think about it. Are you a why or a why not?

The answers to these questions will most likely determine the course of your career and your relationships.

The most famous case of failure due to a fixed mindset is the case of Detroit in the 1980’s as told in Richard Halberstam’s The Reckoning. “Doing things the Detroit way” lost American carmakers the dominant share of market—forever.

One of the best movies of all time shows the paralytic, destructive and even tragic consequences of a fixed mindset: How Green Was My Valley, John Ford’s 1941 masterpiece telling the story of a Welsh mining town (which could be anywhere) that is so tragically stuck in their mindset so that the only way out is—out.

I recommend you watch this movie on YouTube or wherever you get your media. Then come back here and comment about your takeaways from this film. As with all films of that time, the focus is on acting, not effects. Great performances and a great story won this film 5 Oscars. It is one of my all time favorites—it entertains and teaches if you pay attention and open your mind.

Finally, answer the question for yourself: Are you a why or a why not? Are you happy with your answer? What will you do to change it if you feel change is needed.

Here is the link to the movie on YouTube: How Green Was My Valley?

Next article: an approach you can take to improve your mindset.


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