Tuesday, December 29, 2020

The Package That Cried

 The following is dedicated to the US Postal Service, who really made people nervous but ended up delivering:

I am a delicate package

Of a delicate painting

Of a delicate little girl.

I hoped to fly swiftly

To the little girl’s home

In time for Christmas.

No! I was crushed for days

Among heavy and bulky

And rude packages of

Food processors

Pots and Pans


Can’t anybody read?

The sticker on my outside says


And I am.

Sitting, crushed

In a bag

In a warehouse

On a truck

In another warehouse

On another truck

I began to think

Is this the end?

Will I end my existence

Here among these rude boys

Not with the child?

So I cried

And cried

And sobbed

What else could I do?

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