Friday, November 27, 2020

It's Jerky to Eat Turkey- a Poem by Michael Serwetz

(Occasionally, I do feel the urge to write poetry. Enjoy your turkey leftovers with this one)

It’s Jerky to Eat Turkey

It’s jerky to eat Turkey

For a whole entire week,

One day after the next,

Endless bones and meat.

I thought dinosaurs were extinct?

The turkey agrees:

“I eat this and that, 

Huge and all over the joint;

Only, I am so, so fat

I can barely walk—Wait--

Now, I get the point!”

Preparing a turkey

Is like running a country

The whole is so, so big

But it’s the parts that count.

So break down and break it down,

Then you won’t feel jerky

To eat Turkey. 

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